49 km / 2121 m

Skakavac Trail

Download GPX: https://www.openstreetmap.org/trace/3102047/data

On our trails, you will experience the oriental charms that overlap with the tones of the Viennese waltz. Feel the charms of the natural grace that will connect you to the Skakavac Trail race. You have the chance to run through the streets of the city that have left an indelible seal in world history, enjoy the breathtaking nature, and experience the waterfall that connects 98 meters high mountain cliffs with untouched nature. In addition, you will be welcomed by Sarajevo’s hospitality with recognizable cuisine and RNR Sarajevo school. Three tracks, different and customized by length for everyone. Their special note and charm come from the commonest and most beautiful part of the Skakavac trail, and that is a waterfall. But that’s not all! They are specific because they all merge at some point and all three tracks go through a common finish line where happiness is shared among all and the runners of all trail lengths, 49, 37 and 22 km.

49 km

The longest, but, at the same time, the most attractive skier among Skakavac races, which breathes in the start and moves slightly from the old core of the city, leading you to the streets that smell on the most delicious Bosnian delicacies, the streets that have a recognizable charm and soul where you will hear the hammer hits of old craftsmen, bells from the bell tower of the cathedral and temples. You have the opportunity to go to all the unique streets that have influenced world history, linking and merging the East and West cultures and convert Sarajevo into Jerusalem in the heart of Europe. A trail full of ‘sevdah’ and ‘merak’, whose each stone has its own story, a path that will bring you to the most beautiful Bosnian hills with untouched pearl mountain streams, old forests and paths. Unique opportunity to live all the wonderful fairy tales we were told about before.