Blue race
Run in Sarajevo on September 5th, 2021
3. ITRA points

Sarajevo, 04-05. September 2021.


“You see that city? That’s Walter!”

This is exactly the ultramarathon “Blue Race” that starts in front of the museum, the old train station in Bistrik. From Bistrik, “Blue” descends to the famous Constantinople road, i.e. the road that was used during the Ottoman rule to get from Sarajevo to the eastern parts of the Empire and further to the river Miljacka. After crossing Kozija ćuprija (Goat’s Bridge), the trail climbs over Dariva to Bijela tabija (White Fortress), from where it goes under the Višegrad Gate via Zmajevac and Špicaste stijena towards the most beautiful Sarajevo resort Barice, and through Mrković and Nahorevo it absorbs Zelena, and after 20 kilometers the Yellow race as well, and finally reaches the finish line in Semizovac- where the first light bulb after New York had shone.

Blue race- sevdah (traditional Bosnian music) track on which each stone tells its own story.