Green race
Run in Sarajevo on September 5, 2021.
2. ITRA points

Sarajevo, 04-05. September 2021.


The start of the marathon “Green Race” is located in the northeast of Sarajevo, at the famous city outing spot Čavljak, which is located at 1254 m.a.s.l., from where there is a beautiful view of the city in the valley.

The Green Race Trail passes through areas that have multiple wonders of nature, a unique eco-climate phenomenon, various species of plants, animals and fungi. Following the route Čavljak, Pjeskovita ravan, Kamena glava, Biosko, Crepoljsko, Močioci and Bukovik you will enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes and conquer the peaks that dominate the mountain vault of Sarajevo’s Ozren. You will run along the ridge, pass through a beautiful scenery of mixed forests, and when you pass the Sedam vrela, the trail will get a “Yellow” river for the tributary, with which it will reach the goal simultaneously.

The Marathon Green Race will take you through the landscapes that will make you want to stay here until the end of time.