GREEN RACE – 42 km/1571 m (2 ITRA POINTS)

Sarajevo, 06.09.2020.

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42 km

The start of the marathon distance run is located in the northeast of Sarajevo. At 1254 m/el., offering a magnificent view of the city in the lagoon. The marathon racetrack runs through Sarajevo Ozren, which is Sarajevo’s favorite picnic area for many reasons. It moves in an area of ​​significant natural values, unique eco-climate phenomena, various types of plants and animals, and fungi. Following the Čavljak – Crepoljsko – Bukovik route, you will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and conquer the peaks that dominate the Sarajevo Ozren mountain vault: Crepoljsko, Bukovik and Motka. You will run along the ridge, going through the beautiful landscape of the mixed forests that are the characteristic of this mountain. In Uževica you will continue to run the half marathon trail where you will meet the beautiful Skakavac waterfall. The marathon trail will walk you through areas that will make you want to stay here, or at least keep coming back over and over again.