Skakavac Trail 


The first weekend of September this year is also reserved for Skakavac Trail.

The race is organized in the surreal surroundings of the Skakavac Nature Monument, and all the trails pass by the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Southeast Europe. Skakavac waterfall.

Skakavac Trail this year offers: B2B trail, Canicross trail, Recreational trail, Half marathon trail, Marathon trail and Ultramarathon trail (cancelled).

In addition to trail races, as before, we are preparing a lot of content for you to have an unforgettable weekend.

You are all welcome!

Race name: Skakavac trail 2023.

Organizer: Mountaineering society Skakavac Sarajevo

Contact of the organizer:









Saturday 2nd September 2023.

Race location:

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Skakavac Nature Monument

Five courses:

  • (cancelled) – Ultramarathon trail
  • cca. 42 km / 1900 m climb -Marathon trail
  • cca. 21 km / 1014 m climb – Half Marathon trail
  • cca. 8.5 km / 200 m climb- Recreational trail
  • cca. 7.5 km / 200 m climb – Canicross trail
  • cca. 4.5 km / 150 m climb – B2B trail

Race start:

  • B2B trail: September 2, 2023. Skakavac-Plateau Skakavac – 12.00.
  • Canicross trail: September 2, 2023. Skakavac-Plateau Skakavac – 11.30.
  • Recreational trail: September 2, 2023. Skakavac-Plateau Skakavac – 11.00.
  • Half marathon trail: September 2, 2023. Skakavac-Plateau Skakavac – 10.00.
  • Marathon trail: September 2, 2023. Skakavac,Plateau Skakavac – 08.00.
  • Ultramarathon trail: (cancelled)

Race duration:

  • B2B trail: 2hours (Time limit: 4 km kilometer – Plateau Skakavac: 2 hours)
  • Canicross trail: 2hours (Time limit: 3.5 km kilometer – Uževica: 1 hour)
  • Recreational trail: 3.5 hours (Time limit 4 kilometers, Uževica: 1.5 hours)
  • Half Marathon trail: 5 hours (Time limit 3 kilometers, Bukovik Mountain Lodge: 1.0 hours)
  • Marathon trail: 9 hours (Time limit: 17th kilometer, Bukovik: 3.5 hours)
  • Ultramarathon: (cancelled)

Finish line:

All races have a finish line in the Natural Monument Skakavac, Plateau Skakavac.


Sponsors’ prizes

Confirmation of entries, distribution of race instructions, starter packs and equipment review:

Friday 01.09. from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Carlsberg Beer Garden, Vilsonovo šetalište, Sarajevo.

The distribution of starting packages on the day of the race will be done one hour before the race at Sima’s house, Perića Livada- Skakavac, and please also collect the packages at the indicated times.

Race rules:

All competitors are required to read and adhere to the rules of the Skakavac trail, which can be found on the race page

Entry fees:

Race entries:

exclusively online on the website:

Deadline for online applications:

August 15, 2023.

After that date, it is possible to register via contact e-mail: or phone the organizer: +38761449505 but we do not guarantee that you will receive an official race shirt, so please register for the race and pay the entry fee on time.

Entry fee:

B2B trail: Entry fee 50 KM, €26.00, per team member

• Canicross trail: Entry fee is 35KM, € 18.00

• Recreational trail: Entry fee is 45KM, € 23.00

• Half marathon trail: The entry fee is 60KM, € 31.00

• Marathon trail: The entry fee is 80KM, € 41.00

• Ultramarathon trail: (cancelled)


Winners of last year’s Skakavac Trail race have been released from paying the entry fee:

• For the Ultramarathon trail:

• For the Marathon trail: Zoe Humel (FRA), Nikola Čujić (BiH)

• For the Half Marathon trail: Alma Alijagić (BiH), Esmin Brodlija (BiH)

• For Canicross trail: Jasna Hadžimehmedović-Bekrić (BiH) i Karl Wurster (USA)

• For B2B trail:

Payments via paypal: + 2 € Entry fee payment: The entry fee is paid to the paypal account on the link below,

To the company’s giro account with UniCredit Bank number: 3387202234663014,

To a foreign currency account for payments from abroad. Number :: IBAN: BA393387304839057622 SWIFT: UNCRBA22 UniCredit Bank

In the company’s premises in full.

Competitors who submit an application and do not pay the entry fee by the specified date will be considered canceled

Competitors who withdraw by August 15, 2023. will receive a refund of half the entry fee or can transfer the entry fee for the Skakavac Trail 2024.

All competitors who withdraw after 15.08. will not receive a refund of the entry fee, but can pick up the starter pack and meal voucher.

Choose a trail

Race fee includes the following:

race BIB

mountain rescue service

meal after the race

race T-shirt

refreshment points on race course

finisher’s medal for runners that finish race in time limit

Obligatory equipment:

It is obligatory for athletes to have the following equipment with them, for the full duration of the race.

Cell phone with full battery and active number, turned on during the entire race but on silent mode

First aid kit and a survival blanket


Roadbook and race BIB visible for the full duration of the race

Drinking cup or water bottle

Water reservoir or bottles with capacity of at least 1 liter

Battery-powered headlamp (only for the Ultramarathon trail).

Organizer can randomly check obligatory equipment. For every missing piece of obligatory equipment the competitor will get 15 penalty minutes. Competitors with more than 45 penalty minutes will be disqualified.