Sarajevo, 06.09.2020.


Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the central part of South-Eastern Europe and Balkans, that is, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo is the largest urban, economic and cultural center of the country. It is the only city in the region with true Olympic heritage.  The XIV Winter Olympic Games were held in Sarajevo in 1984. The city is unique for its rich history, architecture that is a blend of Eastern and Western civilization and due to its multireligious background it is known as the European Jerusalem. It is one of the rare capitals that is surrounded by magnificent mountains, and that is why you can reach the unspoilt nature immediately after leaving the city, just with a nice walk and get to an old-growth forest, mountain ranges and reefs, crystal clear streams and rivers and the highest waterfall in South Eastern Europe- Skakavac.

For all the before mentioned, Skakavac Trail is a unique race in the world in which you should definitely participate.

Race name: Skakavac trail 2020

Organizer: Planinarsko društvo “Skakavac”

Contact of the organizer:

    •   Cellphone: +387 61 975 036 , +387 61 838 851 , +38761449505
    •   E-mail:

Date: Sunday- 6th September 2020.

Race location:Mountains: Sarajevo’s Ozren and Trebević, protected areas: Skakavac, Bentbaša, Trebević, cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Five courses:

    • cca. 117 km/5288 m climb/ 5 ITRA POINTS – RED RACE DELAYED FOR 2021
    • cca. 77 km/3355 m climb/ 3 ITRA POINTS – BLUE RACE
    • cca. 42 km/1571 m climb/ 2 ITRA POINTS – GREEN RACE
    • cca. 21 km/808 m climb/ 1 ITRA POINT – YELLOW RACE
    • cca. 7.5 km/350 m climb – WHITE RACE (Canicross)

Race start:

    • RED RACE : DELAYED FOR 2021.
    • BLUE RACE : 6th September 2020, At Mejdan 04.00 AM.
    • GREEN RACE : 6th September 2020, Čavljak 8.00 AM.
    • YELLOW RACE : 6th September 2020, Uževica 10.00 AM.
    • WHITE RACE (Canicross) : 6th September 2020, Uževica 12.00 PM.


    • BLUE RACE : (time limit: 30th kilometer, Čavljak: 7.5 hours)
    • GREEN RACE : (time limit: 20th kilometer, Bukovik: 4 hours)
    • YELLOW RACE : (time limit: 10th kilometer, Plato Skakavac: 2.5 hours)
    • WHITE RACE (Canicross) : (time limit: 3.5th kilometer, Plato Skakavac: 1.5 hours)

Race finish: All courses will end at Gornja Jošanica, Vogošća.

Sponsors’ prizes

Race BIB, goody bag distribution and obligatory equipment check:

    • Friday September 4th and Saturday September 5th, Pub Asterix, Vogošća
    • Sunday September 6th, at transport starting locations, until half an hour before the races start

Race rules:

All competitors must read and obey to Skakavac trail rules that can be found on our website

Registration procedures and race fees:

Registration: online on website:

Registration closes: August 20th 2020 at 11:59 PM.

After this date registrations are only possible by contacting organisers by phone or e-mail. After this date we can not guarantee that you will get a race T-shirt and a finisher medal.

Race fees:

    • BLUE RACE : 80KM, €42.00 EUR
    • GREEN RACE : 60KM, €32.00 EUR
    • YELLOW RACE : 40KM, €21.00 EUR
    • WHITE RACE  (Canicross) : 30KM, €16.00 EUR

Skakavac Trail 2019 and Valter Trail 2020 winners do not pay the race fee:

    • Blue race 77 km: Jasmina Kavazović (BiH), Marko Kožul (BiH),  Naida Avdić (BiH), Džemal Jašarević (BiH)
    • Green race 42 km: Elza Božić (HR), Jasmin Pajević (BiH), Tara Weyen Gaines (SAD), Benyamin Vuk (HR)
    • Yellow race 21 km: Amila Štaljo (BiH), Džemal Jašarević (BiH), Amela Tuzlak (BiH), Slaven Stojkov (BiH)

Payment procedures and cancellation of participation:

Race fees can be paid using our PayPal account found on the link below, our bank account in UniCredit Bank: 3387202234663014

Our bank account beyond Bosnia and Herzegovina in UniCredit Bank: IBAN:BA393387304839057622 SWIFT:UNCRBA22 UniCredit Bank, or at the premises of PD Skakavac, no later than August 20th 2020,  23:59 PM, in full amount.

    • competitors who do not pay race fees by the end date will have their registrations automatically cancelled
    • competitors that cancel participation by August 20th will have half of the registration fee value refunded or have their registration fee transferred to Skakavac trail 2020
    • competitors that cancel participation after the August 20th will not be refunded, but can get their race T-shirt and a meal voucher
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Race fee includes the following:

    • race BIB
    • mountain rescue service
    • meal after the race
    • race T-shirt
    • refreshment points on race course
    • finisher’s medal for runners that finish race in time limit

Obligatory equipment:

It is obligatory for athletes to have the following equipment with them, for the full duration of the race.

    • Cell phone with full battery and active number, turned on during the entire race but on silent mode
    • First aid kit and a survival blanket
    • Whistle
    • Roadbook and race BIB visible for the full duration of the race
    • Drinking cup or water bottle
    • Water reservoir or bottles with capacity of at least 1 liter

Organizer can do obligatory equipment random checks. For every missing obligatory equipment  part competitor will get 15 penalty minutes. Competitor with more than 45 penalty minutes will be disqualified.