Yellow race
Run in Sarajevo on September 5th, 2021
1. ITRA pts

Sarajevo, 04-05. September 2021.


The half marathon “Yellow Trail”, although it has a little more than 1000 meters of height difference, can be called a “trail for all” for those who plan to engage in the magic of trail running for the first time.

Yellow is ideal for beginners because you run from its very beginning through flat areas and through the beautiful landscapes of the natural monument Skakavac. After passing a waterfall that leaps from a 98-meter-high mountain rock, the trail descends into the rainforest-covered Perački stream. Leaving Perački stream and climbing to the top of Motka is a challenge of “Yellow” which will carve out a real experienced “trailer” from every beginner who is ready to embark on all future trail challenges. By conquering the top, you will experience nirvana again, then descending a path that leads through untouched nature on which such beautiful landscapes alternate that they will take you back to your childhood.

On the yellow trail, you will become a true lover of mountain running, if you aren’t already.